Get Cassandra

Get Cassandra

This project source code is available on github at https://github.com/deanhiller/playorm.

Download latest stable release of Cassandra at Cassandra website

 Install Cassandra

Configuration Files (can be opened in Notepad/Text-pad/etc.)

In most cases adjustments aren’t necessary, just download, install, and run!

If changes to config files is necessary, click Config files

Run Cassandra

At command prompt, get to the Cassandra Directory

At “Cassandra/bin/…” type “Cassandra -f”, invoking the Cassandra service.
With no errors, etc. Cassandra should be working correctly.
Pressing “Control-C” stops Cassandra.

Alternate Solutions

In some cases, changes to Config files maybe necessary

Or Win7 may require a different approach, such as using DOS command prompt.

Create first entity using Cassandra

You have so far seen that how an Entity can be created in in-memory database. Now, you can use Cassandra for exploring and using all features of Playorm, create your first entity using Cassandra


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