Playorm is an open-source/free library built to speed up developer productivity of developing a noSQL scalable solution.  Playorm leverages the schemaless concept of noSQL and embraces it, while speeding up developer productivity by allowing some partially structured data.

Playorm also embraces embedding information in rows so you can do quick one key lookups unlike JPA(which is for RDBMS system, not noSQL systems). On top of that, we still support relations between these datasets as well allowing you to do joins all while scaling to billions of users.

This project source code is available on github at https://github.com/deanhiller/playorm

PlayOrm Feature List

Features soon to be added

  • Ability to index fields inside Embedded objects even if embedded object is a list so you can query them still
  • Map/Reduce tasks for re-indexing, or creating new indexes from existing data
  • MANY MANY optimizations can be made to increase performance like a nested lookahead loop join and other tricks that only work in noSQL
  • We are considering a stateless server that exposes JDBC BUT requires S-SQL commands (OR just SQL commands for non-partitioned tables)
  • Adding JDBC such legacy apps can work with non-partitioned tables AND other apps can be modified to prefix queries with the partition ids and still use JDBC so they can just make minor changes to their applications(ie. keep track of partition ids)!!!  NOTE: This is especially useful for reporting tools


Read the documentation and start using PlayORM.